My Awakening

With a 15 year old son and soon to be 14 year old daughter, I am smack dab in the middle of trying to figure out how to raise two kids in a world of technology.   I was amazed the other day when I logged into my router and noticed there were 47 wireless devices connected.  At first I thought a few of my neighbors and their friends had connected into our router, but after looking at each device, I realized just how electronically connected my family was.  From TV’s and phones, to tablets, watches and a few desktop computers, it hit me hard. If there was ever an awaking, this was mine.   I shall call this

          “My Awakening”.

Now I am no doctor nor a parental physiologist, but I do know from experience that these electronic devices have shaped me and my kids into something I am concerned with. I want my kids to be educated with electronic devices but I do not want them to become desensitized from reality. I want my kids to be a part of this electronic revolution, I just don’t want to see them die from it. Having a wife who works at Sony and specifically on the Sony PlayStation, I know it is not going away nor is it going to get any easier. But I do know I can do something about it and thus, I am.

My Awakening is to help parents find the rights tools to assist them in bringing up their teenage kids in a world of technology.   Yes I found some great apps that limit the amount of time on an electronic device, however some would call this bad parenting and in some ways I agree.  There are many books to read about technology parenting and I will continue to post these on my blog.   Thanks to my good friend Rob, I am currently reading Queen Bees and Wannabes for my daughter, and Masterminds & Wingmen for my son.  Both books written by Rosalind Wiseman and so far have really struck home.

Over the next several months I will be posting what I have learned from counselors and friends and the research I have done on my own.  My goal here is to really share the knowledge I am about to find.  However I think my ultimate goal is to eventually start a new business that does just what I am looking for:   Providing the right tools to assist parents in bringing up their teenage kids in a world of technology.

So for now, I am going to kick off my awakening by re-sharing these two pages of house rules (shown below) on my refrigerator door and wait for my kid’s response and feedback, which is going to be awesome I assure you.   In the meantime, please start by reading this page called Cognitive Development in Adolescence from the University of Rochester Medical Center.   Cognitive development means the growth of a child’s ability to think and reason.   You first have to understand your child’s ability to “think and reason” before you can help a child.

Stay tuned.

Steve Miller
Technology Consultant
Throughout my career, I have created E-Business solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as the National Football League, Hewlett Packard, Intel, and Microsoft. But my true passion lies with assisting small to medium sized businesses navigate the waters of online monetization.

I am currently providing consulting services for Sitefinity CMS, Online Ecommerce, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Payment Processing, Brand Awareness and Online Strategy, Recruiting and Skills Assessment.

My Specialties are: Sitefinity CMS, Online Commerce, Payment Processing and Mobile Digital Payments, Web and Mobile Development, Recruiting and Skills Assessment, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Brand Awareness and Online Strategy. My IT Skills are: System and Network Engineering, Network Security, Amazon AWS and Azure Cloud Solutions.

My History:
In 1997, along with my wife, we started Mallsoft Inc, a company that provided internet technology and programming services for online ecommerce web sites. During this time, Mallsoft created an Enterprise Web Hosting Service called InstaHost, along with an ecommerce solution called InstaOrder. InstaOrder was a robust Ecommerce solution designed to work alongside a Microsoft .NET Content Management System (CMS). In 2010, InstaHost web hosting services were acquired by EPHost, and the InstaOrder Ecommerce Services were acquired by Telerik INC in building the next generation CMS called Sitefinity.

When I am not working, I enjoy working on my personal web site called “That Was Stupid” ® ( learning mobile application development and LAMP. I also volunteer for a non-profit called “Lee and Beulah Moor Children’s Home” located in El Paso Texas.