Facebook Fraud – What you should know before buying Facebook Likes

Found this video very interesting about Facebook fraud.   After watching the video, it really got me thinking about Facebook advertising and the core concept behind Facebook in their ability to make money as a company.

Facebook and VirtualBagel.

Steve Miller
Technology Consultant
Throughout my career, I have created E-Business solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as the National Football League, Hewlett Packard, Intel, and Microsoft. But my true passion lies with assisting small to medium sized businesses navigate the waters of online monetization.

I am currently providing consulting services for Sitefinity CMS, Online Ecommerce, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Payment Processing, Brand Awareness and Online Strategy, Recruiting and Skills Assessment.

My Specialties are: Sitefinity CMS, Online Commerce, Payment Processing and Mobile Digital Payments, Web and Mobile Development, Recruiting and Skills Assessment, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Brand Awareness and Online Strategy. My IT Skills are: System and Network Engineering, Network Security, Amazon AWS and Azure Cloud Solutions.

My History:
In 1997, along with my wife, we started Mallsoft Inc, a company that provided internet technology and programming services for online ecommerce web sites. During this time, Mallsoft created an Enterprise Web Hosting Service called InstaHost, along with an ecommerce solution called InstaOrder. InstaOrder was a robust Ecommerce solution designed to work alongside a Microsoft .NET Content Management System (CMS). In 2010, InstaHost web hosting services were acquired by EPHost, and the InstaOrder Ecommerce Services were acquired by Telerik INC in building the next generation CMS called Sitefinity.

When I am not working, I enjoy working on my personal web site called “That Was Stupid” ® (www.thatwasstupid.com) learning mobile application development and LAMP. I also volunteer for a non-profit called “Lee and Beulah Moor Children’s Home” located in El Paso Texas. www.leemoor.org.