Twitter and Ecommerce

Wow, just saying the words “Twitter and Ecommerce” is like saying “beer and pizza”. It was enough for me to write my first blog post in several months and register the domain name “”. Twitter was made for Ecommerce and the good news is, some recently leaked documents announced Twitter is heading in this direction. Well it’s about time!
Actually most people may not think this is a big deal.  Most merchants already tweet about products on sale or new product announcements.

Twitter Ecommerce

Facebook tried it with their “Gift” button and we all know how thatturned out. Pinterest has a chance at publishing an Ecommerce API but if they were going to do this it should have been done years ago. But here is what excites me about Twitter adding Ecommerce to its app.

Ecommerce in itself is difficult.  No matter if you are a consumer, merchant or programmer it’s difficult.  As a consumer, I know what I want to buy and I know how much I am willing to spend for it. Just the other day I got a tweet that said “5 new Ripcord snowboards left at $179”. I couldn’t believe it was selling for $179. So I bought it. I clicked on the link, the web site came up on my phone, “yep that’s the one. Wow $179”. I tried to checkout using my phone and after several minutes, I turned it off and went upstairs to my desktop. I added the product to my cart, checked out, created an account, added my shipping information,  reviewed my order, clicked on the “Confirm Purchase button” and error. “Sorry, this product is out of stock. Please check back again later!”.  Are you serious!  #ThatWasStupid.

Now, let’s go into the future say 6 to 10 months from now when Twitter, hopefully, shows the world how to do ecommerce.
I got a tweet that said “5 new Ripcord snowboards left at $179”. I couldn’t believe it was selling for $179. So I bought it. I clicked on the ETweet purchase button, selected my Mom’s shipping address (Mom lives in Lake Tahoe), entered my pin number and pressed the confirm button. Done!
You see, all that Twitter has to do is be a gateway between the consumer and the merchant. On Twitter, I add my financial information, my default shipping address but also my Mom’s shipping address and maybe a few friends. Most people only have a few places where they have things shipped.  And just like PayPal, Twitter confirms all of your banking information allowing merchants to feel good that the order placed by you comes from a Twitter Verified consumer. Not only does the consumer (me) feel good, but the merchant feels really good. He just sold 5 snowboards in less than a minute.

It may not be a snowboard you are wanting to buy, it could be airline tickets or even digital music. I know what I want to buy and how much I want to spend. I only need 140 characters telling me “Here’s what you want”. All I need now is a button to say “Confirm Purchase”.

I’m sure when Twitter roles out it’s ecommerce platform it is going to be a little more than this.  I like Twitter as a company and their vision and firmly believe they have the right person leading this technology (Nathan Hubbard @NathanCHubbard.)  I own their stock and I use their product several times a day.    So Twitter, if you are listening,!  There would be nothing better than to be a part of a team that changes the world.  I would even work for free!

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