This changes everything!

It’s been awhile since I’ve said the words “that is incredible” but what you are about to view is truly amazing and for many reasons.  The video below shows a new type of 3D printing using Light and Oxygen.

How it works

An oxygen window is created, allowing the machine to control precisely the mixing of the laser light and oxygen on the resulting resin. Variation in the mixture is what makes the shapes. The window is key here: it’s transparent to light, but allows oxygen to pass through it, the way a contact lens does, according to the company. By carefully balancing the interaction of light and oxygen, the object continuously grows from a pool of resin.  This process is called CLIP, Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology.  CLIP moves beyond the limitations of 3D printing to offer unprecedented speed, quality, and choice.


Who makes this

Carbon 3D, is a relatively unknown California-based start-up behind this marvel.   They just received $40m in funding by several private equity firms and I am sure it is just a matter of time before they are acquired by HP.  This is a must have company for HP if they wish to stay in the printing business.

This Changes Everything

Because the Carbon3D printer uses a pool of resin that has been oxygenated instead of traditional layer-to-layer, this makes  manufacturing much more feasible. This new method for 3D printing allows prints to be made 25 to 100 times faster than current technologies and advance the era of on-the-fly manufacturing.  No doubt, 3D printing is the future, but Carbon3D has just changed everything.

You can read more about Carbon3D and CLIP at   They are hiring.

I also found the “About” page to be very interesting.